Dating conjoined twins

The Hensel twins never let their physical condition prevent them from achieving their dreams and one of their long-held wishes was to explore the outside world. After college, Abby and Brittany fulfilled their dream and traveled to Europe with two other friends.

Traveling to Britain and Italy, their experience was like that of many young backpackers. While each twin traveled with her own passport, though, they only needed to buy one plane ticket. After London, Rome and Venice the twins had to again think about what their post-grad lives would hold. What would they do for a living? For the get-go, doctors were concern that Abby and Brittany Hensel would encounter severe medical issues that would endanger or limit their livelihood.

Although the twins have beat all odds and so far lived longer and healthier lives than ever expected, doctors still have some concerns for the future. The twins determination and accomplishments are all the more impressive even when compared to other conjoined twins. Conjoined twins are very rare. Only about one in every , babies in the world is born conjoined. Conjoined twin girls also have a higher life expectancy than their male counterparts. Where they are now, though, was previously unimaginable.

The twins turned 28 in and have come a long way. With that kind of support, they are now engaged in something else that no one initially foresaw.

At first, Abby and Brittany Hensel had their sights sets on individual career paths. But after graduating from college with degrees in education, they decided to put their skill set to use and pursue a career in teaching. During college, they gained experience as student teachers in a 4th-grade classroom.

Encouraged by the prospect of enhancing young minds and changing the world for the better, the twins quickly proved their talents and professionalism which led to an amazing promotion. In October , the Hensel twins were offered a full-time position teaching an elementary school class at Mounds View Elementary School.

Together they are in charge of a 5th-grade class and enjoy working together as they can multitask with giving lessons, answering questions and keeping an eye on the students. After all, they do have two degrees and in many ways do more than one person. As the twins have gotten older, though, they have changed their view on the spotlight.

In short, their answer is no. As the girls grew older, their parents also became more confident in their decision not to separate Abby and Brittany as babies. Both twins have expressed their desire to date, marry and have children someday. While a lot of questions surround the issue, they stay optimistic that there is true romance out there for them.

While rumors have surrounded their love life, the twins remain very private when it comes to romance. Although the world remains fascinated by these famous conjoined twins, we might not be hearing from them any time soon. Despite their earlier collaboration with the media, the Hensel twins have made a concerted effort to fade away from the spotlight in recent years.

Never having sought fame with their media appearances — rather seeking to inform and educate — the twins actually prefer their privacy. When North Dakota twins Abigail and Isabelle Carlsen were born, their parents were faced with the same difficult decision. The two girls were attached at the chest and abdomen and were permanently facing eachother.

However, unlike Abby and Brittany, they had two separate sets of arms and legs. Born on November of , the Carlsen twins quickly gained national attention for their rare condition. Though separation surgery could potentially save their lives, it could also lead to tragic results. Should they attempt to separate their baby girls, or should they leave them as nature intended? Little Abby and Isabelle were overall healthy babies, but their rare condition lead to some devestating health scares.

They were gaining weight and developing nicely, but even a hint of a cold could mean grave danger. When the conjoined twins were two months old, Abby suffered a respiratory infection and was struggling to breathe. Would this affect her sister? The twins had to be airlifted to a hospital where they were monitored and given oxygen masks. Every ailment had to be treated with utmost seriousness.

March 7, 1990

Isabelle had stopped gaining weight, while her sister seemed to grow normally. The worried parents decided to contact the famous Mayo clinic in Rochester, Minnesota to see what they could do. At the clinic, they talked to Dr. Christopher Moir, who successfully separated another pair of conjoined twins in the past.

Moir explained that Isabelle was supporting Abigail with her own digestive system, and was not getting enough nutrients herself. Together, they decided that separation was the only option. Moir explained that if the twins remain conjoined, both of them might die. He performed countless tests, each more concerning than the other.

He discovered that while the girls had their own vital organs, they were twisted together — their hearts overlapped, their intestines were intertwined, their livers and pancreases were fused together. It would be a risky and difficult surgery that would require a large medical team of no less than 17 surgeons. Countless things could go wrong, meaning the twins might not make it out of the operating room. Parents Amy and Jesse were terrified. The confessed that they had at one point thought about learning different teaching disciplines, but changed their minds when they figured the extra coursework would be too difficult.

It goes without saying that their condition would shock an unsuspecting interviewer. That said, they managed to strike success quickly into their job hunt. The world tuned in to hear the twins break the news of their new job. In very typical twin fashion they explained to the world what their new job would be. Things were once very different for the twins. Luckily, teaching is a much more versatile career.

The Hensel Sisters And Their Continuing Saga

It seemed like the Hensel twins had found the career that they were born for Teaching seemed to be the perfect career choice for the twins. When it came to bonding with children Abby and Brittany have always been naturals. Maybe it started with curiosity but then once their simple questions are answered they still are just drawn to Ab and Brit. During the interview process they two girls sat across from him and he was struck by their behavior and their manner of speaking.

Over people applied for the job, but once he talked to the Hensel sisters, he knew that they were the perfect fit for the environment they were trying to sustain. Good already wanted to hire the twins, but it was what happened next that really pushed him to make the move. Although he was ecstatic over the twins and thought they were naturals, a big part of him felt that he was delving into uncharted territory. That said, he took his concerns to the HR department.

He was on a mission to find the easiest way that he could transition the twins into the job and make them teachers.

This Is What Famous Conjoined Twins Abby And Brittany Hensel Are Up To Today

Oct 25, One thing we know for sure about the sexuality of conjoined twins: People who aren't conjoined are fascinated by it. At least it seems that way. Nov 7, That said, they weren't any normal set of conjoined twins. . They are currently dating a teacher named Jasimuddin Ahmad. He came across.

Without doing so, their first day in class could a disaster. It was actually quite obvious why they needed to be prepared. Although they had to treat each twin as an individual, they were connected to the same body. HR decided it was best to have the twins each sign their own individual contract, yet get paid a single salary and have split between them. Therefore, when it came to the pay, Abby would take home half a paycheck and Brittany the other half. Obviously, they had to announce that the Hensel sisters were now teaching at the school.

Abby And Brittany Hensel: Amazing Life Story

The surprise would hurt the children as well at the girls. Good decided to reintroduce the Hensel sisters to the community and sent out a letter that let residents know that the Abby and Brittany were working at the school and teaching math. Many were actually quite excited to see how things would go.

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